The Earth Microbiome Project: Meeting report of the “1st EMP meeting on sample selection and acquisition” at Argonne National Laboratory October 6th 2010.

Jack Gilbert, Folker Meyer, Janet Jansson, Jeff Gordon, Norman Pace, James Tiedje, Ruth Ley, Noah Fierer, Dawn Field, Nikos C. Kyrpides, Frank Oliver Glöckner, Hans-Peter Klenk, K. Eric Wommack, Elizabeth Glass, Kathryn Docherty, Rachel Gallery, Rick Stevens, Rob Knight


This report details the outcome of the Earth Microbiome Project’s first meeting to discuss sample selection and acquisition. The meeting, held at the Argonne National Laboratory on Wednesday October 6th 2010, focused on discussion of how to priortize environmental samples for sequencing and metagenomic analysis as part of the EMPs global effort to systematically determine the functional and phylogenetic diversity of microbial communities across the world.



standards; sequencing; MIGS; MIMS; MIENS

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