A first special issue of Standards in Genomic Sciences from the Genomic Standards Consortium

Dawn Field, Renzo Kottmann, Peter Sterk


Face-to-face meetings play a central role in the birth and maturation of communities. Intensive workshops filled with presentations, discussions and working group meetings have always been at the heart of the activities of the Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC). Such work-driven meetings are a key way in which the GSC fulfils its mission. Similarly, meeting reports provide a key mechanism for preserving and disseminating the consensus built at such meetings as they describe the range of speakers and participants present, topics covered and key outcomes and priorities agreed upon by the community.This issue contains a total of nine meeting reports, from workshops held between April and October 2010 that are presented to the reader to provide a broad overview of ongoing GSC activities and initiatives.

doi:10.4056/ sigs.1493697


editorial, genomic Standards Consortium, special issue

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